How long do manatees live ?

Manatees live for a long time, sometimes up to 60 years. They spend most of their life in shallow water, where they eat or sleep, occasionally popping up to take a sip of air.

Manatees, as a rule, are lonely creatures, sometimes they live in small families, and only occasionally gather in groups in places rich in food. Females become sexually mature at 3-4 years, males later.

Manatees are inhabitants of warm seas, they die quickly in cold water. This forces them to migrate behind warm currents or not to leave the warm water discharged by power stations. Such proximity to civilization is convenient for manatees, but it is exactly what constitutes a mortal danger for them.

Although manatees sometimes become prey to sharks and crocodiles, the main enemy for them is man. For a long time animals were exterminated because of their delicious meat and fat, and now, when hunting is prohibited, manatees often suffer from debris that settles in their intestines and can lead to death.