Interesting facts about Germany

Germany is one of the most developed countries in the world, whose inhabitants are famous for their punctuality. Located in the heart of Europe, Germany is not only a powerful economy, it is also one of the most powerful political forces in the modern world. Once these lands were a lot of scattered princedoms, mired in strife, but for a long time already Germany is a single whole.

It would be more correct to call the Germans Germans, because the word “German” in Russia was called all foreigners who did not speak Russian. “German” comes from the word “dumb”.

The first mention of the Germans refers to a period approximately two thousand years ago.

In Germany, the law does not provide for additional punishment for attempted escape from prison, since it is considered that the person’s desire for freedom is natural, and for him it is impossible to punish.

In Germany, you can really live on social benefits. It is not rich, of course, given the high cost of living in this country, but you will not have to starve for sure.

The oldest diner in the world appeared exactly in Germany, back in 1146. Located in the city of Regensburg, it functions until now.

A German native Gottlieb Daimler invented and patented the world’s first motorcycle.

The most popular sport in this country is football.

In the north and south of Germany, pronunciation is so different that southerners and northerners sometimes with great difficulty understand each other.

In Germany, in most cases, it is more advantageous to buy a new thing instead of a broken one than repair the old one.

In many cases, alcoholic intoxication is considered an extenuating circumstance in a German court. However, this does not apply to road traffic accidents. Why not? Vaughn in the Dominican Republic is generally forbidden in the literal sense of the word to drink at the wheel, while drunk ride can be completely free.

Homeless people guarding dogs in Germany receive benefits for their maintenance.

On some high-speed highways in Germany there are no speed limits. The police on such routes are on duty on sports cars like “Ferrari”, in order to be able to catch up with the offenders.

In Germany, it’s really so clean, as they say. And not so much because they clean here, but because they just do not litter. It’s just as clean in Finland as well.

Many Germans did not fight once in their lives. They generally do not like to fight, but, if it is necessary, they will stand up to the last.

About 80 percent of all crimes in Germany are committed by foreign nationals.

The road to “zebra” in Germany can safely pass with closed eyes. The culture of driving here at altitude.

On Sundays, all stores, except those located at gas stations and stations, are closed in Germany.

The concept of “nationality” in Germany is identical with the notion of “citizenship”.

In Germany, piercing and tattoos are extremely popular.

In this country, smoking is unpopular.

The capital of Germany, Berlin, is second only to Ankara, the capital of Turkey, a city by the number of Turks residing in it. A similar situation is observed with the Poles – more than in the American city of Chicago, the Poles live only in Warsaw, the capital of Poland.

The population of Germany is reduced by approximately two million every ten years. Due to the shortage of children, even schools are closed periodically.

The world’s first periodical began to be published in Germany, back in 1663.

The famous “Fanta” drink was invented in Germany.

In most German cities, tap water is so clean that you can safely drink it straight from the tap.

Germany occupies the second place after Ireland on beer consumption per capita.

In German shops more than three hundred kinds of bread are sold. Of course, not in the same, but usually on the counter lies several dozen of its species, and in a specialized bakery – and even more.