Interesting facts about La Paz

The name “La Paz” is a city in different countries of Latin America, but the most famous is, of course, the Bolivian La Paz. All tourists arriving in this high mountainous country, necessarily visit this city. In the vicinity of La Paz is very beautiful, and in the city itself there is something to see. Although, of course, the real Bolivian flavor should be sought in the villages, and not in the metropolis, which somehow resembles all other major Latin American cities.

Almost all the streets in La Paz are very narrow due to the fact that the city was designed and built long before the invention of cars.

In La Paz is the world’s highest mountainous international airport.

In fact, La Paz is the capital of Bolivia, since all government bodies and authorities are concentrated here. Nevertheless, officially the capital (in fact, only historical) is another Bolivian city, Sucre. If not for this circumstance, La Paz could be called the most high-altitude capital of the world.

Due to the high altitude above sea level, the atmospheric pressure in La Paz is lower than the usual one. As a result, the water boils here not at 100 degrees, and already at 88, tourists with the same unaccustomed to often suffer from a headache and experience severe dizziness.

The city is located at an altitude of more than 3.5 kilometers in the crater of a long extinct volcano. Interestingly, Quito, the capital of another Latin American country – Ecuador – is also built on a volcano.

It is here that the world’s tallest football stadium is located, which has a certificate of compliance with all norms and standards.

Located in the center of La Paz bus station was designed by the architect Eiffel – yes, that’s Eiffel, who gave the world the symbol of France – the Eiffel Tower.

In honor of La Paz, the asteroid discovered in 1923 was named.

The world’s tallest golf course is also located here.

La Paz is a sister city of Moscow.

The most popular headdress in La Paz is a bowler, like what Charlie Chaplin wore. And here these kittens are worn by women, and not by men.

Weather forecasts in La Paz vary depending on the area, as the city seems to “climb” along the slopes of an extinct volcano crater. In its upper part it is usually cool, while in the lower regions it may be hot or pouring a monstrous downpour.

Prisoners in the prisons of La Paz themselves work out their content.

Shamans are more trusted and more popular among residents of La Paz than doctors.

Local route taxis are called “trufi”.