Interesting facts about Mexico

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico, a huge metropolis that stretches across an impressive square. This amazing city combines, it would seem, incongruous – huge sparkling skyscrapers and beggarly slums, old quarters of colonial times and new buildings a la “Khrushchevka”, modern technologies and old way of life, which can be called rural. Mexico City does not resemble any other city in the world, and that’s why it deserves to be visited.

Mexico City ranks first in several nominations – the largest capital of Latin America, as well as the largest and most populous Spanish-speaking city.

Mexico City was founded about eight hundred years ago by the Aztecs. Then it was called “Tenochtitlan”. After several hundred years, Spanish conquistadors renamed the city they captured, giving it a modern name.

In Mexico City, one-fifth of the population of Mexico resides.

It was in Mexico, in 1975, the first UN World Conference on the status of women in the world.

In Mexico, located one of the tallest buildings in Latin America – the skyscraper Torre Mayor, 225 meters high. In this tower there are 55 floors.

In 1968, the Olympic Games were held in Mexico City.

Over Mexico City is constantly hanging a huge smog cap.

In Mexico City, monstrous traffic jams can be seen every day. They are worse here than in Moscow.

In Mexico, there is the longest subway in Latin America.

One of Mexico’s sister cities is the Russian city of Murom.

In Mexico City, the final of the World Cup was held twice.