Interesting facts about the Bahamas

Bahamas are often presented to people in the form of a kind of paradise on Earth. With this opinion it is difficult to argue – located near the US coast, the Bahamas really represent a paradise with magnificent beaches, warm climate and lush vegetation. It’s no wonder that so many people dream if they do not live in the Bahamas, then at least visit there. And you know what? If you have such a desire, it’s definitely worth doing.

The Bahamian archipelago is spread over seven hundred islands, but only thirty of them are permanently inhabited.

Local currency is a dollar, not American, but Bahamian. True, he is still tied to the US dollar at the rate of 1 to 1.

In fact, the Bahamas has been independent since 1973, but nominally the head of state is the English queen.

The island of Big Inagua, which is part of the archipelago, is notable for being the largest habitat for pink flamingos in the world. These amazing birds here number more than fifty thousand.

The official language in the Bahamas is English.

Most of the Bahamians are Christians, but there are many religions in this country. There are adherents of both voodoo and spiritism.

To its financial well-being, the Bahamas owes a well-developed tourist industry and a convenient geographic location close to the United States.

About half of the inhabitants of the Bahamas use the Internet.

Education in the Bahamas is free and, what is characteristic, compulsory.

The Bahamas is a very rich country. So rich that among the countries of the western hemisphere it takes the third place in this parameter.

Shores of the United States and the Bahamas share only fifty kilometers.

It’s snowing in the Bahamas. More precisely, it was. True, only once in the history of observation. It happened in 1977. Separate snowflakes fell from the sky, but they almost immediately melted.

In the Bahamas is the famous “blue hole”, a real place of pilgrimage for divers from all over the world.

The Bahamas are very low above sea level, occupying the fifth place from the end of the world in this respect.

Once the Bahamas was a real haven of pirates.