Where do lemurs live ?

Lemurs live in Madagascar, in an area starting in the west from Fort Dauphin and extending northward to Monadov. A small population of lemurs resides on the southeastern plateau of the Andringhitra Massif.

Usually lemurs live in different forests – from dry sparse forests to wet jungles. Cat lemurs meet on mountain slopes, and their crowned congeners visit such a region of Madagascar as Tsingi de Bimaraha. There the rocks are characterized by sharp peaks sticking out as thickly as if it were a forest. Moreover, lemurs manage to jump on such rocks without sacrificing themselves, although they live in the nearby forests.

Of all the species of this primate species, only feline lemurs spend most of their time on the ground.
Animals show activity usually at night. These representatives of the fauna perfectly live in captivity and multiply well.