Where do parrots live ?

Today, parrots can be found in all corners of our planet. They say that the “stepfather” for all species is Australia, although these birds are common on all continents, not counting Antarctica and Europe. Traveling in South and Central America, India, Southeast Asia, West Africa and Australia, you have the opportunity to see how many incredibly beautiful and intelligent parrots can be. But, of course, in order to admire the birds in their natural habitat, it is not necessary to collect suitcases – thanks to technical progress, each person has the opportunity to plunge into the world of parrots.

In general, parrots are kept in packs and groups, by their nature – they are monogamous birds that, when favorable conditions arise, form pairs, create habitation using hollows of eucalyptus trees, digging holes or settling rock crevices. Birds have time to grow a new generation of parrots, as soon as the weather allows you to engage in carefree mating games and nutrition of the whole family.