Where do peacocks live ?

Peacock always attracted attention. Previously, these birds lived only in the western Pacific Ocean on the islands, as well as in the remote part of Australia. But because of this, no one knew about them and only heard from the sailors’ stories. For the first time it was possible to see handsome pioneers from Holland. They immediately gave the name to them – birds of paradise. It is this name that they have so far retained in the English language.

Then, thanks to the trade and sea routes, they learned about this beautiful bird in Europe, and there, as already said, it came to America. Today peacocks live in many countries and almost on all continents. They are very many species, from blue and white, to the rarest in size with a titmouse.

More often than not, we are meeting a normal Indian species with blue plumage and a green tail. Initially, these birds lived only in Sri Lanka and Pakistan. This species of paradise birds for life chooses places near rural crops, river banks, forest felling. He prefers green pastures and cereal crops to find food. Do not be afraid, but be careful.