Where do seals live ?

In the western and eastern parts of the Arctic Ocean one can find an ordinary seal. It dwells in the Bering, Barents and Chukchi seas, as well as in the southern coastal waters of Greenland. In a small amount you can see them in other Arctic seas.

Large populations of seals occur in the northern coastal waters of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. In the Baltic Sea they live constantly. Appearance is almost independent of its habitat, except in size.

The weight of the body of the seal reaches 160 kg, and the length is 185 cm. The females and males are virtually indistinguishable. The only difference is that males are larger than females. Distinctive and characteristic only of these animals feature: V-shaped nostrils, which you can easily recognize this beast.

The color of the seals is completely different: gray, red, brown tones. The main predominant color of the coat is a rusty gray. On the body are scattered small black or brown spots, on the back – black and brown. Very often, spots can be seen on the head, on the muzzle and on the tail of the seal. Cubs appear in the light of the same color as their parents.