Interesting facts about tornadoes

Tornadoes are natural phenomena, sometimes striking with their surreal appearance. A giant funnel that has come down from heaven – how often do you see it? True, admiring a tornado can be reckless, because they are extremely dangerous.

The shape of the tornado, its color, the smell and the sound produced by it depend on what it absorbs.

Most often the tornado lives only a few hours, but some of them lived for several hours.

More than eight hundred noticeable tornadoes are recorded annually in the United States.

Most often tornadoes occur during the day.

The speed of movement of a tornado is sometimes up to 100 kilometers per hour.

The strength of the tornado is so great that a piece of wood untwisted by it is able to break through a brick wall.

A particularly powerful tornado is able to lift a car or a whole house into the air.

Some lucky people managed to survive by visiting the center of the tornado.

The fastest winds on the planet are just a tornado.

There are tornadoes in Russia, too. The first mention of the tornado in the Russian chronicles dates back to 1406.

In 1879, a tornado lifted a 75-meter steel bridge into the air and twisted it like a squeezed laundry.

Tornadoes are the cause of the rains from fish, frogs and other things.

Because of the tornado in 2007, one of the provinces of Argentina was hit by rain from spiders.

In 1990, in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, a fishing boat from the sky collapsed a cow, somewhere raised in the air by a tornado. The ship sank, the fishermen rescued.

In 1931, a tornado in the US raised a train weighing 83 tons.

Tornadoes in the southern hemisphere rotate clockwise, in the northern hemisphere – counter-clockwise.

The Great Red Spot is the monstrous tornado that has been raging on Jupiter for the last three centuries.

Tornadoes are the most destructive storms in the world.

People still do not know how to predict the appearance of a tornado.

The widest of the recorded tornadoes had a width at the bottom of a few kilometers.

In the very center of the tornado an area of ​​extremely quiet air with low pressure is created, but it is almost impossible to get into it without passing through the destructive walls of the tornado.

Tornadoes occur only in thunderstorm and cloudy weather.