Is parrot an animal ?

Yes, parrots are animals. People looking for a companion for a period comparable to human life, can find a parrot suitable for a home pet. At the same time, for example, for parents who want to purchase a pet for a child or people who are not ready to care for such a long period, this will be a significant drawback.

Often parrots become attractive because of the ability to learn to talk. Some species of parrots are really capable of repeating words and even sentences that taught them, but there is no significant evidence that parrots understand the meaning of those words that they utter.

Despite this, teaching the parrot new words can be very exciting occupation, both for the owner and for the parrot.

The hand male male parrot is the best pet, he is more inclined to communicate and is less likely to have health problems associated with laying eggs in females. In general, female parrots need a little more care than males. Parrots of some types are very difficult, and sometimes it is impossible to determine the sex while they are young.

Therefore, those who are looking for a male or female will have to choose from more adult parrots.