What is a baby parrot called ?

A baby parrot called chick. Chick of parrots, like other small creatures, are born defenseless and require the attention of their parents. A parrot is a bird that does not leave its chick unattended. A parrot can die, but the chick can be saved. If he feels that there is a threat to life for a chick near.

And again, back to the parrots in Australia. Such strict laws in relation to the export of parrots help the local population to preserve the natural fauna in its original state. And no matter how many representatives of zoological enterprises applied to buy different kinds of parrots, all this will not lead to a positive decision.

Very severe penalties are provided for under this paragraph of the law.

Several years ago, among a certain stratum of new rich, it became a fashion habit to acquire into private ownership the Cockatoo, or other species of this bird.

It is clear, if business concerns business and the businessman breeds a nursery of parrots. And if it’s just for the sake of prestige? I’m afraid that this negatively affects the life of the bird. It’s one thing: a parrot is greedy, a gray parrot or parrot Amazon. They are more adapted to the domestic conditions.