Interesting facts about Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla is a genius who left an indelible mark in history. His ideas were much ahead of their time, so Tesle attributed a variety of properties. Even came to the accusations of witchcraft! Fortunately, the times when such accusations were the reason for burning at the stake, by that time have already passed. Nevertheless, the numerous riddles associated with Tesla still worry the minds of many people.

Nikola Tesla slept only about two hours a day. At least, he himself asserted – there is no evidence or evidence of this fact.

Before the introduction of the US dry law, Tesla drank whiskey every day.

Tesla was never married, since he believed that family life would hinder his scientific activity.

Tesla often made loud statements – in particular, he claimed to be working on a “ray of death”, or that he received a radio signal from Mars. Now all these statements are taken by some people at face value. It is likely that Tesla thus either amused himself, or simply attracted attention.

Nikola Tesla spent always more than he earned, and was always a debt-ridden person.

Tesla never had a house of his own, except for his parents’ house, which he left, however, quite early. Throughout his life Tesla lived either in laboratories or in hotels.

Nikola Tesla was afraid of microbes. He constantly washed his hands with soap, and in hotels he demanded two dozen towels a day. In addition, he never touched other people.

Tesla was a supporter and popularizer of birth control.

In the USA, in the Silicon Valley, there is a monument to Tesla built on the fans of a great scholar. An interesting fact is that the monument is used to distribute free Wi-Fi.

It is possible that it was Tesla who created the radio, but simply did not patented his invention.